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Technische Specificaties 427



Hooped ladderframe constructed from 10swg, 3″x2″ steel box with comprehensive cross bracing. Additional stiffness provided by three dimensionalised front and rear sections and bonded and riveted body assembly.

Composite reinforced moulded fibreglass construction, with jig bonded internal panels. Bonnet, boot and doors all double skinned.

Jaguar XJ front and rear axle, braking and suspension components with DAX suspension geometry, front anti-roll bar, steering rack and Spax fully adjustable coil over dampers.

Engines and Transmission:
Any American or Rover V8, Jaguar straight 6 or V12 with 4/5 speed manual or automatic transmission.

Front Wheels & Tyres:
Front – 9″ x Ø17″ Wheels with 235/45 R17 tyres or (Front – 7½” x Ø15″ Wheels with 215/60 R15 tyres).

Rear Wheels & Tyres:
Rear – 10″ x Ø17″ Wheels with 255/45 R17 tyres or (Rear – 8½” x Ø15″ Wheels with 235/60 R15 tyres).

4040mm long, 1745mm wide, 1130mm high, 2280mm wheelbase, 1010kg weight (with Rover V8) ready to drive.

Rover V8: 0 to 60 mph 7.5 secs. Top Speed 130 mph.
Chevrolet V8-454 0 to 60 mph 3.9 secs. Top Speed 160 + mph.


Front engine, rear wheel drive.

Robust multi-tube 75mm x 50mm x 3mm box-section chassis with comprehensive round-tube triangulation and extensively braced / triangulated backbone section. Chassis includes separate triangulated scuttle-hoop section, structurally laminated into internal body tub and bolted across entire main chassis structure for maximum rigidity. All brackets included for engine, transmission, rear hoop/s, seats, seat belts, door hinges, differential unit, suspension arms & links, steering rack, etc.

Gel-coat finished GRP body, hand-laminated in high-heat distribution resin. All internal panels – passenger compartment tub, boot tub and front inner wheel arches – jig bonded into position, for easy and accurate body / chassis assembly. Double-skinned bonnet, boot and doors. (No GRP work required by the builder.)
Note – Body and chassis are designed to interlock with bonded and riveted faces to form an integrated immensely rigid (rattle & squeak free) structure.

Crumple zone design. Collapsible steering column (plus intermediate steering shaft offset with two UJs). Main chassis rails extend to full vehicle width for greater driver / passenger protection. Optional ‘Explosafe’ fuel tank.

As with all DAX vehicles, the Tojeiro is designed to meet the full type approval standards of the UK’s SVA test.

Camber Compensation & Anti-Roll (CC&AR) front suspension system* using DAX upper wishbones, pivot bar assemblies and CC&AR cross-links with Jaguar / Daimler (XJ40) steering knuckles, wheel hub/flange assemblies and lower wishbones. GAZ gas-filled coil-over damper assemblies with full adjustment for height and damping.

* Patented, cross-linked, double wishbone suspension system, which provides maximum tyre-to-road contact and therefore maximum grip, whether cornering, accelerating, braking, or in any combination.

DAX De Dion rear suspension design using DAX axle beam, upper A-frame and lower radius arms with Jaguar / Daimler (XJ40) differential unit, driveshaft assemblies (modified to use CV inner joints), rear hub carriers and wheel hub/flanges. GAZ gas-filled coil-over damper assemblies with full adjustment for height and damping.

Differential Options :

Ratio XJ40 Donor Model Tojeiro Engine Recommendation
3.77:1 2.9l Manual Rover V8 (geared for maximum acceleration)
3.54/3.58:1 3.6l Auto Rover V8 (geared for touring) + Ford/Chevy Small Block + Ford/Chevy Big Block (geared for maximum acceleration)
2.88:1 V12 (Very Rare) Ford/Chevy Big Block (geared for touring)

DAX rack and pinion steering (3 turns lock to lock) operated by Ford Sierra collapsible safety steering column.

Servo-assisted, dual-circuit, 4-wheel disc brake system using DAX pedal box and Ford servo & master cylinder (23.8mm diameter). Drum and shoe handbrake, operated by special DAX fly-off handbrake lever (drops to horizontal when not in use) – can also be sourced from Jaguar XJS.

Jaguar / Daimler (XJ40) front discs and calipers, vented.

295mm diameter – from 1986 to ’90 (Girling brakes) 291mm diameter – from 1990 to ’94 (ATE brakes)

Jaguar / Daimler (XJ40) rear discs and calipers, non-vented. Handbrake function provided by centre, drum & shoe section, of each rear disc.

278mm diameter – from 1986 to ’90 (Girling brakes)
294mm diameter – from 1990 to ’94 (ATE brakes)

The DAX Tojeiro De Dion can be fitted with 17” or 18” diameter wheels and tyres.

17″ 8.5″ x 17″ with 32mm Inset
(235/45 x 17″)
9″ x 17″ with 22mm Outset
(255/45 x 17″)
18″ 8.5″ x 18″ with 32mm Inset
(235/40 x 18″)
10.5″ x 18″ with 6mm Outset
(295/35 x 18″)

Engines and Transmission :
The DAX Tojeiro is designed to accept any commonly available V8 (English or American) or any Jaguar / Daimler (XJ40-based) unit. The most popular engine choice by far is the small-block Chevrolet V8 but DAX hold jigs for all common options.

DAX will also be happy to undertake the fitting of other suitable units, subject to a modest tooling charge.

Length – 4030mm (with nudge bars and overriders fitted)
Width – 1755mm
Height – 1110mm (to top of windscreen)
Wheelbase – 2280mm

Typical Performance: – with Chevrolet V8 (Approx. 400bhp)
0 to 60 mph: 4.5seconds
Top speed: 160+ mph, depending on gearing

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